What we do

The OTEC foundation, being a collaborative initiative, will stimulate and support the involvement of OTEC organizations around the world. The foundation hopes to achieve their goals through building an online portal, an active network and a knowledge base amongst others.


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion holds great potential as a renewable energy solution, providing not only baseload electricity, but synergistic products like food and fresh water too. OTEC will come to fruition as a substantial contributor to the world energy mix.


The OTEC foundation aims to:

  • Improve information supply and stimulate knowledge transfer on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and related technologies;
  • Create more global awareness for OTEC and facilitate community building;
  • Provide a support base for the development of OTEC.


By providing a source of information, the OTEC foundation aims to inspire people, grow the OTEC community and be a collaborative initiative through the involvement of stakeholders from around the World.