OTEC has the potential to contribute to the future energy mix offering a sustainable electricity production method. Unlike many other renewable energy technologies that are intermittent, OTEC has the potential to provide baseload electricity, which means day and night (24/7) and year-round. This is a big advantage for for instance tropical islands that typically has a small electricity network, not capable of handling a lot of intermittent power.

Next to producing electricity, OTEC also offers the possibility of co-generating other beneficial products, like fresh water, nutrients for enhanced fish farming and seawater cooled greenhouses enabling food production in arid regions. Last but not least, the cold water can be used in building air-conditioning systems. Energy savings of up to 90% can be realized.

The vast baseload OTEC resource could help many tropical and subtropical (remote) regions to become more energy self-sufficient.

Renewable energy
24/7 baseload
Vast potential
3-5 TW